How to add a domain or mailbox to the cPanel whitelist

The first thing we must do in this case will be to enter our control panel (cPanel) as described below:

Enter cPanel

You must enter through (remember to change with the name of your domain)

In this you must enter your username and password that we have provided to you from If you currently do not remember it, you should contact us to request new information. Remember that you can always access your cPanel directly from your client area.

Enter Spam Filters

Once inside the cPanel, you must go to the «Spam Filters» option found in the "Email" module or section.

Once inside, you must go to the option Additional Configurations (For Advances Users) which is located at the bottom, as indicated in the following image.

When selecting or displaying the options you must enter WhiteListe or White List by clicking on the Edit Spam WhiteList Settings option as seen in the following image:

To enable the option or text block to add the domain or email account to the white list, you must click on the option Add a New “WhiteList_from” item

Correct way to add a domain to your cPanel whitelist

The correct way to add a domain to the whitelist should be as follows:

You must enter * (remember to replace with the sender's domain) as indicated in the following image. Once written, you must click on the blue Button «Update WhiteList (whitelist_from).

If you only want to add an email account for the sender, the correct way to add it would be to write the email address of the sender, example: [email protected] (remember that you must replace with the sender domain)

In this way, following and carrying out the previous instructions is how you can add a domain or email account to the white list of your cPanel account.

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