2-factor authentication in the Customer Area

Two-factor security.

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to logins. Once activated and configured, each time you log in you will be asked to enter your username and password, as well as a second factor, such as a security code that you will obtain from your mobile device.

If you want to activate two-factor authentication on your customer account, these are the steps:

  1. Login to your customer account.
  2. Click on the option that shows your name at the top right (customer profile).
  3. Click on the "Security Settings" option from the list.
  4. From the "Two-Step Authentication" option, click on "Click here to Activate".
  5. Then follow the steps to install the authentication app on your Cell Phone or Mobile - Google Authenticator or Duo

Ready! In this way, 2-factor authentication has been activated in your customer account.

If you have any questions about this, write to us and we will be happy to help you.

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