WinSCP FTP Client

WinSCP is a free software application. WinSCP is a graphical SFTP client for Windows that uses SSH. The previous SCP protocol can also be used. Its main function is to facilitate the secure transfer of files between two computer systems, the local one and a remote one that offers SSHNewbie services.

WinSCP source code and downloads are hosted on SourceForge.

In addition, WinSCP has 2 interfaces and gives the free choice of choosing the one to which the individual best adapts, both have variations in their configuration options, and also offer a high degree of customization.

Some of its most relevant features are:

It has several languages.
It has support for SCP and SFTP protocols over SSH-1 and SSH-2
It has a graphical interface (GUI).
Can be integrated with Windows (URL, shortcuts)
It has support for common file operations.
It has support for scheduled operations (batch), including the interface and command line scripts.
You can synchronize directories in different ways, semi or fully automated.
It has a built-in text editor.
We can decide if we want the session information to be saved.
It has authentication support through SSH passwords, public key or Kerberos (GSS), keyboard-interactive method
Integrates with Pageant (PuTTY SSH Agent) to provide full public key authentication support
It has an interface similar to Norton Commander (dual panel) and Windows Explorer (single panel).
We have the facility to save the settings made to the program in a configuration file instead of in the Windows registry, which allows its use from portable devices, such as GVC and USB disks.

Download it from:

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