How to solve error 0x800CCC0E in the Outlook email application?

The 0x800CCC0F error is due to the fact that the computer cannot connect to the server of its web hosting.

In order to solve it, you must take into account the following aspects:

- Your antivirus, when scanning the email , it may be blocking the connection. Some types of antivirus have a mode of operation that places them between the Internet connection and the email program, intercepting the messages you send and receive with the email program (your message actually goes to the antivirus, which scans it, and then transmits it to the mail server).
This mode of operation is prone to errors with large email messages that contain attachments, especially on slow computers (low CPU, RAM or many programs running)
To check, temporarily disable your antivirus and proceed to send the message again. If the operation was successful, activate the antivirus again.

- If you have a firewall, you may not have Internet access open for the Msimn.exe (Outlook express) or Outlook.exe applications (Microsoft Outlook).

- Likewise, your firewall may not have port 995 open for receiving mail and 465 for sending mail.

- If the error is unusual, it may be because you are trying to download a message with a fairly large attachment that is saturating your antivirus scanner.

- There may be intermittent problems in your Internet connection or interruptions in transmission as a result of saturation. If you share your connection with different computers, it may happen that they do not have enough outgoing bandwidth (to the Internet).
To check this, make sure that only you use Internet access. Then send the message again.
(Contact your Internet connection provider).

In order to solve the problem caused by error 0x800CCC0E in Outlook, try the following steps:

Go to: >"Accounts", then> "Properties". Choose the option >"Servers"

Once there, verify that the box that says \\\"My server requires authentication"\\\ is checked.

Enter your complete email address and Password.

Change the SMTP email output port. Remember that you must use secure connections to the server through the following ports:

SSL incoming mail port (POP3): 995

SSL incoming mail port (IMAP): 993

SSL outgoing mail port (SMTP): 465

Then press > "Apply" and then > "Accept"

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