Solution to the problem of payments through Paypal

Sometimes, when trying to pay an invoice with Paypal following the method explained in the payment area, the Paypal page may not appear to log in and be able to pay the invoice normally.

This problem can be caused by 2 main factors: either you have some setting on your PC that blocks pop-ups from opening, since the invoice opens in a new window; or to the cache and files saved in the temporary folder of your browser.

- To solve the first problem simply allow your browser to open pop-up windows without problems. You can configure it to only open pop-ups from our domain and PayPal's domain.

- To solve the second problem, try the following:

Delete temporary internet files and cache from the browser you are using. You can see how to do it according to the different browsers from here:

Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:
Other browsers:

If this doesn't work, try completing the payment steps in another browser.

If you continue to have the problem, please send us a support ticket through your customer area to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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