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In some cases, emails do not reach their destination because they are blocked, or others arrive in the "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder. This can be due to several reasons, I will explain how it can be avoided. As this guide is a bit extensive, I put an index to help you find what you are looking for, but I recommend that you read it in its entirety to understand what it is about.

INDEX (To go to an item, you can search with Control + F):
- 1: First the essentials, what is SPAM?
- 2: How do I know if I am sending SPAM?
- 3: Emails bounce back! Because?
- 4: About Blacklist and Whitelist lists
- 5: What happens if my domain is not blocked, the emails do not bounce, but they still reach my users as SPAM?
- 6: Why is Spam control so strict if I get Spam anyway?

(1) First the essentials, What is SPAM?

Unsolicited commercial email or spam, as it is popularly known, is any message or publication that, regardless of its content, is sent to many unsolicited recipients.

Requested commercial email, on the other hand, is any message, newsletter, or publication that is sent exclusively to recipients who have requested it and who have the option to cancel the sending of that message to their account. Examples of requested commercial email are links to bank account statements, notices to renew subscriptions, etc.

(2) How do I know if I am sending SPAM?

As we explained above, if you got an email list from a forum, from a guestbook, from an online purchase, or if you downloaded a list from somewhere and send them an email (no matter how short), IT'S SPAM. Because these users never registered for you to send them emails, but rather you forced them to receive them, whether by promoting a sales product, a product offer, a page update, a news delivery, the reason does not matter, but rather Users must expressly clarify that they want to receive it.

If you send these messages, stop reading here and reconsider this issue, because Spam is illegal in several countries and on it is NOT allowed under any terms. Outside of this, if you make normal shipments to people expressly registered for this sending of emails (whether news, offers, promotions, etc.), then go to item 3.

(3) Emails bounce back! Because?

There are many reasons for an email to bounce, the best thing in this case is to contact via support ticket, however it is possible that you are blocked on a domain due to Spam. In this case, you will see a message such as "rejected", "junk mail", or "blacklisted" and a link to the database where you are blocked.

If your blocked domain is hosted on, contact us and we will take care of unblocking it. If your domain is with another company, you will need to contact them.

(4) About Blacklist and Whitelist

If your email does not bounce at all, it is possible that it is blocked by a Blacklist. At we use two blocking lists (Blacklist) that are responsible for blocking a large part of the Spam that our clients may receive, these are SPAMCOP ( and SPAMHAUS ( Some emails may be blocked if the address they send you emails with is listed on these two servers.

To check if the domain that sends you emails is being blocked by us, you can check it from here: (Replace with the site that send you emails)

Once the page loads, near the bottom you have 4 options that are necessary to view, the titles (first column) say: SPAMCOP, SPAMHAUS SBL, SPAMHAUS PBL1, SPAMHAUS PBL2 and SPAMHAUS XBL. If "Not listed" appears in all of them, that domain is Ok and the problem is something else (go to item 4).

If your domain is blocked, you should contact the owner of said domain to have it unlocked, and/or to put it on the list of accepted domains (Whitelist) so that the blocking is bypassed and the emails arrive. again to destination.

Note: Other companies may use other blocking lists, if you are sending the email FROM an account you have to review the entire table to see which ones your domain is blocked on, and mainly the one used by the other provider's company.

(5) What happens if my domain is not blocked, the emails do not bounce, but they still reach my users as SPAM?

In this case it could be due to several other things. In some companies the checks are different from ours (if you send the email from an account it depends mainly on the recipient).

It is possible that if you have sent Spam in the past, some email companies (for example Hotmail or Yahoo) provide users with a button that

e says "This email is Spam", and when you check multiple users in that email, your emails are automatically taken as Spam for said company. In this case we cannot do anything and you have to contact the online support of said company.

On the other hand, it is possible that what is blocked by SPAM is not your domain, but your PC (its IP). To check it, you have to get your IP, something very easy from and it will tell you automatically. Once you have your IP, you go to this website, and you look at which Blacklist servers you are listed on. If it is one that you know the recipient has, you are in trouble, and the options are to file a complaint with your ISP (internet provider) or restart the modem until they give you a dynamic IP that is not blocked.

(6) Why is Spam control so strict if I get Spam anyway?

Although there are several anti-spam systems on (SpamAssassin, SpamCop and SpamHaus), it is possible that if a spammer gets your email address, either because you published it online, or because you are subscribed to a site that sells emails to others, or because that same site sells spam, or maybe you bought from a company with your email and it sent you spam... there are many reasons, and therefore, no control is 100% effective, therefore some emails may reach you for one reason or another. We try to avoid Spam as much as possible.

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