What is an inode and what are the inode limits in hosting plans?

What is an inode?
An inode is any file or folder hosted on your hosting plan. This includes email files, records, logs, scripts, etc.

What happens if the INODES limit is reached?
When the limit of inodes is reached you will not be able to create any new files or directories in your account, which could result in your site not working correctly. The solution is to delete files from your account that are not being used (folders, images, etc.), emails or empty your spam folder and your .trash (hidden) folder.

What is the difference between the soft limit and the hard or definitive limit?
The difference between the light limit and the hard limit is that the former can be temporarily exceeded for a period of time. If you reach the hard or definitive limit, you will not be able to upload more files to the cpanel account. At this point you will need to delete files from the hosting account or upgrade to a larger hosting plan.

What web hosting plans are they reached by the inode limit?
The plans that are Reached with these limits are individual shared hosting plans, multidomain hosting, resellers, semi-dedicated hosting and vps.
In the case of reseller plans, it should be noted that the limit is related to individual cpanel hosting accounts, so Each cpanel account has its own inode limits.

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