Install WordPress with one click thanks to Softaculous

WordPress has become one of the most popular tools when publishing content on the web, designing web pages or creating cloud applications .

In this post we are going to explain one of the easiest ways to install this famous script and it is using the tools of our Control Panel Cpanel, in this case Softaculous , an self-installer of applications that consists of more than 220 scripts available in its gallery.

The first thing we have to do is log in to our Cpanel Control Panel, go to the Software section and click on the Softaculous icon.</p >

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Once inside Softaculous we find an interface divided into two sections, on the left we have a complete list of all the applications grouped by categories, blogs, microblogs, portals/cms, forums, image galleries, wikis, social networking and up to 24 categories that include more than 220 self-installable scripts and increasing as more applications appear.

We are going to stop at the first category of Blogs, we click on this category and a list of available applications appears, Serendipity, Open blog, B2evolution etc. but we click on WordPress.

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After clicking on WordPress we go directly to the presentation screen of the application where it is described, the user ratings and also a navigation menu, Installation, description, features, screenshots, demo, scores, etc, we click on Install.

[SCM]actwin,16,16,16,16;ScreenshotCaptor.exe 01/30/2012 , 10:30:33

Here we enter the final phase to install our WordPress, the Installation Form:


The process is simple, we just have to tell Softaculous where we want to install our blog in the Directory field, if we want it to be installed in the root directory of our domain we leave the field blank, if on the other hand we want to install it in another directory or folder we just have to write the name and Softaculous will create the folder and install it, for example if we want it to be installed at we will have to write the word blog in the Directory field.

We can also indicate the name of our blog and a brief description in the Site Name and Site description section and very important to decide the administrator name and password, personally I do not recommend putting admin and a simple password, a good password must contain 10 to 12 characters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, for example sw75~u63$¬= if we click on the key it will generate a secure password.< /p>

And of course decide in which language we want to have our blog, up to 16 languages ​​available.

It is recommended to fill out the box Email installation details to with our email to receive the installation details, we click on Install and after seeing an installation progress bar for approximately one second we will reach the final screen where the following message appears Congratulations, the software has been installed correctly followed by the links to the new site or installed and the link to the administration of your blog where you must log in with your previously created administrator username and password.

If you don't remember, check your email, since softaculous will send you an email with the installation details.

You are now ready to start publishing on your blog and in less than a minute, Softaculous takes care of everything, creates the database, username and password and installs it wherever you want, if you also have For more domains on the same hosting you can select them in the Installation Form, as you can see they are all advantages, simplicity and speed.

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