CPanel/WHM: Basic Manual for Resellers or Resellers

It will indicate the account information, and if everything has been correct, at the end of the page you should see a message of the type:

wwwacct creation finished
Account Creation Complete!!!

From the following video tutorial you can see how to create your hosting account: a-hosting-account.html

Now I will explain the other options available in Account Functions:

Limit Bandwith Usage: With this option you can limit the traffic consumed by each of your clients.

Modify Suspended Account Page: You can modify the suspension page, you will do this through the Web Host Manager using HTML.

Password Modification: With this option you can modify the password of a specific account.

Quota Modification: With this option you can modify the space assigned to each account.

Suspend/Unsuspend an Account: You can suspend and reactivate an account.

Terminate an Account: With this option, you can delete an account from your reseller.

Upgrade/Downgrade an account: This option is used to update an account. For example, if you have modified the characteristics of plan 100 and it now has 150 MB, you only have to update the account you want and that change from 100 to 150 will take effect on that particular account.

If you want to modify one or more accounts, or perform actions with one or more accounts, you must use one of these two options depending on what you want.
You can see above what each one is for, the difference with these is that they allow you to do it with more than one account:

Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts: Update or modify multiple accounts.
Terminate Multiple Accounts: Delete multiple accounts.

The Change WHM Theme option located in the Themes tab is used to change the style of the WHM.


To see a list of the accounts hosted in our reseller account, we just have to click on List Accounts located on the Account Information tab. You will be able to see the accounts created in your reseller.

In the Account Information tab you can find other available options, I will explain them:

List Subdomains: Lists all subdomains in a table for each account that has one or more created.

List Suspended Accounts: Shows a table indicating the username of the account that is suspended, the date of suspension and the reason. if it was specified.

Show Accounts over Quota: Shows in list form the space used by each user and the space assigned so that you can increase it if they are reaching the limit.

View Bandwith Usage: Shows a list indicating for each user the amount of transfer currently used and the transfer assigned, in addition to allowing you to observe it in percentage graph.


There is the option to modify the packages you have created, but you must keep in mind that these modifications will affect all the domains associated with that package. To carry out this operation you must click on the "Edit Packages" option that is within the Packages box.

Once the Edit Packages option is selected, the box with the domains you have hosted will be displayed in the central part of the screen, choose the one you want to edit.

You can modify the characteristics that you had defined in it, to do this you must change the ones you want and click on the Edit button.

Once the process is finished, the following phrase will appear:
Edited the package "packagename"


In addition to being able to modify a package, you can modify a particular account. There are two options:
The first is to change the package associated with the domain for another package that already exists.
The second option is to create a package with the new features and associate it with the domain using this option.

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