How to bring (migrate) your site with databases to

Migrating joomla, xoops, phpbb, vbulletin, wordpress or any dynamic website, which contains a database is a task that requires special attention.

1st Download and Upload files and folders.

a) What you first need to do is download your entire website from your previous provider, via FTP, to your PC. You can also use your cPanel file manager. The easiest thing to do is to compress the entire contents of the public_html folder (or the folder to be migrated) to a .zip file from your file manager and then download that single file.
b) Once the content has been downloaded , you must upload it to the hosting you have with also from FTP. Again, you can use your cPanel file manager to upload the previously downloaded .zip file.

2° Export and import database.

You must export the database from your previous provider to us, to export the database:

a) access the MySQL administrator (probably phpmyadmin).
b) Search there the “Export” option and then check the “Send (generates a downloadable file)” option and click “Continue”.
c) Wait for the file to finish downloading.

Once the database file has been downloaded you must:

a) enter the CPANEL here at of the account where you will import the database to make the site work.
b) Within the CPANEL, go to the “MySQL Databases” option and there generate a database with the name you want.
c) Then from there, generate a user with a password (write it down as you will need it later)
d) Use the “add User to Database” option (verify that the database you created previously corresponds to the user you created). created), click on “Add”
e) Check the “ALL PRIVILEGES” option and click on “Make Changes”.
With this the database and its user would be created added. You should see a message like “User xxxuser_ xxxuser was added to the database xxxbd _ xxxbd”. Take note of the full name of the database and its user.

Now go again to the initial CPANEL screen, and look for the “PhpMyAdmin” option

a) Look for the Import option
b) Using the “Browse” button ” look for the file that you have previously downloaded (In point 2)
c) Wait for the file to finish uploading.

If you get an error when you want to upload it, I recommend that you send us a support ticket with the error you are indicating so we can help you.

At this point we have the database uploaded and the files uploaded to our account, the only thing we need to do is synchronize the database with the website that we have uploaded, to do this :

a) edit the configuration.php file that you have previously uploaded by FTP (you can download it, edit it and upload it again) replacing this data with that of your database (database name , database user, database user key). What you should modify in the file is:
Look for the part of code where it says:

var $user = 'xxxuser_ xxxuser';

var $db = ' xxxbd _ xxxbd';

var $password = 'Password of the user you created';

Replace with the data obtained previously (In point 3)

Important: This example is for sites with Joomla CMS. You should look for the configuration file that belongs to your application. The procedure and the data to add are the same for all cases.

With this your site should already be working, all that remains is for you to put our DNS on your domain and it will be working with us.

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