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DomainKeys and SPF - Prevent phishing.

This document contains information on how to enable DomainKeys and SPF in your domain's DNS zone to prevent an unauthorized third party from spoofing any mailboxes under your domain.

NOTE: DomainKeys and SPF will only work if you have delegated your domain directly to DNS servers provided by our company, if you use a third-party DNS not provided by our company, these tools will not work for your domain.

Introduction DomainKeys: Adds a text string encrypted using SHA-1 to the header of your messages. This string contains the value resulting from a series of mathematical operations that are performed on the complete content of your message; The destination mail server obtains the encrypted value contained in your message plus a public encrypted code found in your domain's DNS zone to decrypt the code in your message. If the decrypted value of your message matches the values ​​obtained from the mathematical operation, you are sure that your message has not been modified somewhere in the middle of its path between sender and destination.

SPF Introduction: Adds information to your domain's DNS zone that allows a destination mail server to determine if the server from which the message was sent is authorized to send messages @your-domain.tld
Activate DomainKeys and SPF for your domain.

Enter your control panel.
Enter "Email Authentication", within the Mail category.
Press the Activate button corresponding to SPF and/or DomainKeys.

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