Goal Day 4: Generate autoresponders for your emails.

Once your email accounts have been created, you can use autoresponders as a valuable marketing tool that will enrich your communication with clients or potential clients.

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders are messages that will automatically reach anyone who sends an email to a specific box or through a form. Their purpose is to thank and notify the recipient that the message has arrived and will be responded to. brevity.

How do you generate your Autoresponders?

To create autoresponders in a specific email account you only have to enter your control panel.

To connect to your CONTROL PANEL please use the following address:

(This way of entering will be operational at the time that the DNS of your domain be delegated to our servers, or from the temporary access link that is determined in the registration email with the subject "Your service under the domain has been activated")

User: xxxx

Password: xxxx

Once there, click on the “E-mail” icon and then on the link Addresses with automatic response --> Add automatic response, there you can enter the Automatic response management from where you will generate the message that you want to arrive automatically when you are contacted at a specific email.

In the following video tutorial you can see how to create autoresponders:


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